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730+ Plugins, 61k+ Active Installations

Jenkins continues to charge down the path of continuous world domination. Last June, the world boasted more than 43,500 Jenkins installations… and now there are more than 61,000! And the number of plugins has risen to 730+, up 100 from late last Fall. The 2012 Jenkins survey shares some excellent stats on this vibrant community, and you can read Kohsuke’s analysis of it here.

Believe it or not, it’s already JUC season again. In this issue of Continuous Information, we have all the latest info on events, some excellent best practices, Jenkins updates and plenty of resources to help you do even more with Jenkins…


Giving Back to the Community: Kohsuke's Insights

With more than 600 plugins, Jenkins has a vibrant community and we're dependent on YOU to keep it that way. Here are three ways you can give back to the community to ensure that everyone benefits and Jenkins keeps growing...

  1. vendor + community = win
  2. scratch your itch and take credit
  3. contribute by proxy

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Jenkins User Conference Update

Registration Open for JUC Bay Area and JUC Israel, and the Jenkins User Event in Copenhagen

Jenkins is on tour again. Catch him as he stops near you…


What’s New in Jenkins?

Kohsuke shares the latest and greatest Jenkins developments…

  • New LTS based on 1.509 – there was some delay this time around in choosing the new LTS base version, but this version finally delivers the lazy loading feature that drastically improves the start-up time of Jenkins. We are hoping to ship this in mid-May.
  • More context menu improvements – we received a lot of feedback about the current automatic pop-up of context menus. We’ve revisited this in 1.513 based on the discussion developers had during FOSDEM 2013.
  • Master/slave data transfer performance improvement – I’ve finally hunted down this popular bug that has been wanted for three years. This should result in a significant boost in the data transfer speed between master and slave, especially if you are connecting over SSH. This was such a serious bug hunt that it took two intercontinental flights with packet sniffers and liberal use of the Linux kernel feature for network simulations.
  • 2013-02-16 Security Advisory – if you need more reasons to upgrade, 1.502 contains a number of important security fixes.

You can see the full Jenkins Changelog here.


Upcoming Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees Release

Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees is a professional-grade offering designed to optimize Jenkins in enterprise environments. The same open source Jenkins that you already know and love, Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees is enhanced by expert technical support from CloudBees engineers and includes plugins specifically developed to address enterprise requirements.

Version 13.05, due to release at the end of May, will feature powerful new plugins to:

  • help administrators easily restart aborted builds
  • assign owners to nodes so it is easy to contact that person if the node fails
  • provide a consolidated view to more easily manage multiple jobs that are tied together
  • capture a system snapshot that will give the CloudBees support team necessary information to provide better support

Try Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees free for 30 days


Featured Blogs

We hope you’ll join your Jenkins-using peers at a Jenkins event this year! As always, if you have other suggestions or thoughts on how to make Continuous Information more useful to you, please send the newsletter team a note.

Table of Contents:
730+ Plugins, 61k+ Active Installations
Giving Back to the Community: Kohsuke's Insights
Jenkins User Conference Update
What’s New in Jenkins?
Upcoming Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees Release
Featured Blogs

White Paper

Continuous Cloud Delivery

Continuous Delivery – often based on Jenkins – is rapidly becoming a common goal for software companies. This white paper shows how you can deliver better software, faster, continuously… all in the cloud. (No registration.)


      Download the PDF

Preparing for Continuous Delivery

DZone just published one of their popular Refcardz on Preparing for Continuous Delivery, featuring Jenkins.

Get the Refcard

JUC San Francisco 2012 Slides & Video

More than 400 people registered for the Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco last October, and more than 30 people submitted abstracts to speak. No worries if you missed it – we recorded it for you.

Watch the videos and read the slides

Infographic: The State of Jenkins


          Click to enlarge

How to Set Up Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps Using Real Devices

This webinar recording from SOASTA and CloudBees covers setting up and running a fully automated mobile test lab using Jenkins (no registration required).

Watch the webinar

Reddit on JenkinsCI

Did you know JenkinsCI has its own Reddit section?

Follow Jenkins on Reddit.


Start Your Own Jenkins Meetup!

Can’t make it to a JUC, or just want more Jenkins? Start a Jenkins meetup in your community.

Check it out


Are you doing something exciting with Jenkins? Send us a short overview and we’ll share it with the community. Just drop an email to

RebelLabs JenkinsCI Report

RebelLabs interviewed Kohsuke and did an awesome write-up on Jenkins. We hope you agree it’s worth the time to register for the report (you’ll get access to other good reports too).

Read the abstract (no registration for the overview and video)

Lisa Wells
Managing Editor, Continuous Information
Marketing Bee, CloudBees

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Technical Editor, Continuous Information
Jenkins & Hudson Project Founder, and Elite Architect, CloudBees


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